Ghost Master: The Gravenville Chronicles (PS2)


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Games designed to scare their players are often considered some of the most provocative and immersive experiences the entertainment world has to offer. But its all becoming a bit too predictable. So in a wicked twist of fate that can only be achieved in the world of video games, Empire Interactive has devised an adventure that parodies the Resident Evils and Alone in the Darks, giving the player the opportunity to assume control of the dark side.

This venture is of course the aptly named Ghost Master. In this highly original fantasy flick, players assume control of an afterlife civil servant sent to the eerie hauntings of Gravenville by the Haunter Committee. Quite simply, your goal as chief ghoul is conjure the supernatural and frighten the life out of Gravenvilles less-than-confident inhabitants in 20 levels that span 12 expansive locations.

A management game in some respects, the player will often have to oversee the scary goings on and ensure that there is an adequate supply of plasm. Plasm, in case you didnt already know, is the stuff you need to bring ghosts into existence. Without plasm, there are no ghosts, and without ghosts, its game over. And bringing the play mechanic full circle, Plasm can only be gained by scaring the wits out of the games population. The great circle of death, if you like.

As a game, Ghost Master delivers, but its Gravenvilles unique visual style and comedic approach that gives the game its appealing charm. All in all, Empires latest ghoul fest is a good, light-hearted and solid adventure. Game House Oy 2018
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